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FURTIV 45 COLT (225 gr @ 775 fps)

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FURTIV™ ammuntion is the quietest ammunition on the market for pistol caliber carbines or rifles without a silencer or suppressor.  FURTIV™ ammunition works great with rifles such as the Marlin 1894, Winchester 1873, 1885 Low wall, CVA Scout, and other break action rifles.  Optimal performance will be with rifles having barrels of 22" to 28" in length.  Carbines with 16"-20" barrels are still quieter than conventional ammo, but perform better with a blast can to send more noise down range.  Due to the variety of factors that affect the actual sound level at your ear, we are not claiming our ammunition to be "hearing safe," but when fired out of a firearm with a barrel length of 24" or longer, it produces noticeably less noise than a .22lr.  In some of our testing, when used with a 28" barrel, it was only slightly louder than a silenced 300 BLK SBR.  FURTIV™ ammunition is NOT appropriate for use in revolvers.  Do NOT fire through a silencer. 

This is the only ammunition on the market that delivers lethal performance with potentially *hearing safe* levels of sound WITHOUT the use of a silencerIf you live in a state that does not allow silencer ownership, this is the solution for :

  • Medium sized varmint control

  • Backyard target practice where you have adequate back stop, but neighbors who don’t like the sound of gunfire.

  • Casual target practice when full hearing protection is not desired.

We manufacture FURTIV ammunition using all new, high quality components, and it is checked at multiple steps to ensure the production of reliable and safe ammunition.
* There are many factors that affect the intensity of the sound level at your ear.  Variables, such as distance from solid objects that cause echo, atmospheric conditions, and length of barrel, all have an effect on the intensity of sound at your ear.  For the aforementioned reason, we never recommend using firearms without hearing protection.  Appropriate hearing protection should always be worn. 

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